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Cotton candy

High fluffiness, colorful appearance, sweet and delicious taste are the main features of IceCup’s handmade cotton candy. It is an excellent sweet that can be eaten right away at various types of events, special occasions or children parties.

With our products, you will get a ready, homemade cotton candy without the use of a special candy floss machine. Our product is available in variants – a 1 liter. IceCup cotton candy is multicolored, with yellow, pink and blue dominating colors.

Types available of

Homemade cotton candy in a bucket

Our cotton candy is ready to eat right away. It is available in a 1 liter. Delicious and fluffy will be enjoyed especially by children. The attractive, multi-colored appearance of cotton candy attracts attention of potential customers, so it is perfect for sale in restaurants by the sea and in tourist places.

Ready cotton candy does not require any additional devices and machines. It is suitable for consumption immediately after opening the bucket. Multicolored cotton candy dominated by yellow, pink and blue. We are a producer and distributor of cotton candy, supplying our products to retail and business customers (restaurants, hotels, wholesalers).

Where can you buy our cotton candy?

The fastest way to buy is to place an order in our online store. In addition, an order can also be placed by phone and e-mail.

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