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Syrups for granita

During hot summer days, we gladly reach for granita. This cold drink gives us an immediate feeling of refreshment. Sweet syrups are used to prepare it, which provide intense flavor, aroma and color.

The most efficient syrups on the market 1:7
Intense color and taste granites can be obtained from 1 liter of product and 7 liters of water. We will make 40 liters of granita from one pack, which will allow you to prepare 114 servings of 350 ml.

Types available of

In our offer you will find 20 different flavors, both fruit and those favorite by our youngest customers, such as bubble gum, cotton candy, refreshing candy and cola.

Granita syrups are available in 8 intense colors:

High quality syrups for granita do not lose their main taste, color and smell when working in cooling machines (slush machines). The drinks prepared in this way look appetizing and refresh effectively on hot, holiday days.

The most efficient syrups on the market 1:7

Our syrups are the most efficient on the market, intensive granita color and taste can be obtained from 1 liter of product and 7 liters of water, 1: 7 ratio. So a 5 liter bottle allows you to prepare as much as 40 liters of drink, which with a standard 350 ml yard cups means up to 114 portions of tasty and refreshing granita.

We invite you to check out our company history and our current range of yard cups for granita.

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Frequently asked questions about granita syrups

How much is a 5 liters bottle of granita syrup?

The current price of granita syrups in 2023 is PLN 60.

What is the efficiency of the syrup?

Our syrups are characterized by the highest efficiency on the market, amounting to 1: 7. It means that from a 5 liters package we will get as much as 40 liters of granite. Up to 114 servings of 350 ml.

What are the flavors of the syrup?

Pineapple, Watermelon, Cola, Lemon, Pear, Chewing Gum – Pink, Apple and Blackcurrant, Kiwi, Lime, Raspberry, Mango, Blue Raspberry, Exotic Fruit, Forest Fruit, Orange, Orange and Mango, Mango, Strawberry, Grapes, Cherry, Green apple.