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Yard cups for granita

Unique designs, attractive colors and a orginal form are of great interest to potential customers, especially children and young people. The cups are designed to enjoy cold drinks such as granita, sorbet, shake or drink.

The bottles are ideal for occasional events such as birthdays, parties, stag and hen parties. Our cups can not be missing also in ice cream parlors, cafes, pubs, seaside places and tourist places.

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Manufacturer of yard cups for granita

The various designs of yard cups lids make them suitable for all kinds of thematic events. The shape of the ball is a perfect addition to football, volleyball or handball matches. Palm Tree is a true classic, the most popular choice for our customers, as it reminds us about holiday. The rose pattern will give every party an attractive look. The lighthouse lid and flat lid are suitable for all kinds of events.Our cups allow you to serve all cold drinks in an attractive form. The transparent design raises additional customer interest. The set consists of a cup, a lid, a flexible straw and a plug. The bent straw is safe for children, and the plug protects the center from dust.

Yard cups for granita and sorbet are reusable.

As a manufacturer, we take full responsibility for our products, which is why the material used must have the necessary EU certification for the safety and hygiene of food packaging. Our products are recognized throughout Europe.The cups are made of hard and rigid plastic. Production takes place in the European Union in a modern hall with an area of over 3000 m2. The finished product must be completely safe for children.We use the recycling method, thus supporting the natural environment. The glasses are reusable.

Yard cups are produced in 6 designs, 3 types and 2 sizes:


  • ball yard cup – for athletes
  • palm yard cup – for vacationers
  • rose yard cup – for florists
  • lighthouse yard cup – for explorers
  • flat lid yard cup – for minimalists
  • unicorn slush cup – for princesses


  • Standard
  • Half spiral
  • Spiral


  • 350 ml / 11,8oz
  • 500 ml / 16oz