All our products are registered as a utility design and patented technical solutions.

IceCup – manufacturer of syrups and yard cups for granites

In the IceCup online shop you will find goblets, cups and syrups for granita. We create high-quality products that meet the required EU approvals for food packaging safety and hygiene. We started production in 2011, although the roots of our company date back to 1984 (since 2007 under the name Heureka) and it is still based in the European Union.

We manufacture granita goblets in 3 types: Standard, Semi-spiral and Spiral, available in 5 designs: flat decker, ball, rose, lantern, palm tree. Their capacities are 350ml and 500ml, while the cups’ are 300/350ml and 400ml. Completing the range of packs are 16-flavour syrups.

Our products are perfect for catering premises, ice cream parlours, cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs. The IceCup goblets are characterised by their unique design, careful and aesthetically pleasing workmanship. Their design is matched to current trends. The use of transparent raw material, results in an extremely attractive appearance of the drink.

The contoured design makes it easy to hold the goblet stably, even in a child's small hands. The bottle is tightly sealed and the stopper protects against dust and dirt. Each year, by far the most sold product is the palm granita cup, as it most closely relates to the holiday season. This is the period when the largest number of cold drinks are consumed, for which we have prepared our packaging.

We invite you to purchase them, please contact us if you have any questions.